My name is Sasha. Sasha Godiaeva. SASHA SASHA Lab is in a way my creative pseudonym. I can define myself as an art director, creator, designer, illustrator, writer, chief editor or find many other names and definitions for myself and my work. But that is not what really matters. What is really important is that in my work I was and still am lucky enough to interact with all kinds of people, a great number and variety of personalities. Being involved in creative processes, I realized that in order to make something really extraordinary, you need to open your heart and let the energy of other creatures in. And only this mutual heart to heart interaction gives life to something that is absolutely impossible to describe in words, but can only be felt and enjoyed. This is how the art is born.

I realized that I no longer need to call myself an artist or an art director, or anybody else. When I work and interact with other people I am a walking laboratory of ideas, opportunities, creative processes, experiments. I live, breathe, learn, dream and lots of people do that with me. In a sense, as we do things together, we live in each other. Therefore, my laboratory is my open heart and a passionate readiness to create at all times.

SASHA SASHA Lab is a home for ideas and inspiration, for everythig that comes to us from the higher spheres.

Something about Sasha
My career started the way I had been always dreaming about: being a student of the preparatory group at the National Academy of Arts and Architecture in Kyiv, I took part in several exhibitions for young artists with my paintings and installations. It was a very happy time for me. Back then art in Ukraine was even more distinctive and original than it is now, and it was much easier to express yourself than in the existing European society full of canons and rules, even in such seemingly free sphere as art.

Then I moved to the fashion capital of Italy, where I had immersed myself into the world of fashion for the following 6 years. I successfully graduated from ISTITUTO MARANGONI, one of the most prestigious institutions in this sphere, and then worked as a creator, designer and art director in various fashion companies. After nearly 7 years I have returned to Kiev and started working as an art director at an American advertising agency Leo Burnett. My successful career in the advertising industry, fashion and design taught me a lot, but unfortunately could not give me the most important thing ever – joy of doing what you really like. Gradually, I began working as an illustrator and designer of urban spaces, and then I set up my Bureau, where the work was based on the principles of deep feeling and understanding of people's needs. I am sure that any idea has a chance to be realized and my team was focused on making every single one possible. It took me a little more than 10 years to get back to where I began and what I love more than anything: draw, create, discover and make the dreams come true.

Today, I am an acting creative director of a self-development centre in Kyiv, where children and adults are engaged in physical and spiritual practices. In addition to that, I illustrate children's books, constantly take part in various city initiatives, participate in the design of urban spaces, and create murals. Moreover, I do illustrations for a variety of commercial projects, as well as prepare my own exhibition in Kyiv.

2004 – participant of the young artists' exhibition dedicated to the Orange Revolution in Ukraine
2005 – 2007 student of the National Academy of Arts and Architecture in Kyiv, Design department
2007 – 2010 student of Istituto Marangoni in Milan
2010 – 2012 designer and art director in different companies in Milan, and namely: FAI, Dteam, Russy, Judari
2012 – 2013 art director at Leo Burnett advertising agency
2014 – founded SASHA SASHA Bureau – private implementation of art projects, video, corporate identity development, illustration
2014 – freelance illustrator, muralist and designer of urban art spaces
2015 – editor-in-chief and creative director of InSfera magazine, art director of a self-development centre Makoto Dojo
2016 – creator and a freelance artist


Working with space is special for me. I understand that with my drawings I bring something special in, something that will live on with the people who reside or work in the space. I see how my work somehow changes and structures the world around.
I believe that everything has to have point and reason in order to exist. Everything has its sense. And even if we do not think about it, every surrounding detail affects us in its own way. It is important to set your heart on what you are doing, to connect and feel what kind of people work there, and what they really need from the space.
"There is no place for selfishness when working with space. And a creative person is not easily accepting this particular aspect of social work. In fact, creative work by itself, with no interaction between people is a rather selfish thing. The people you do it for often act as a catalyst for various and sometimes complicated processes. And you are no longer alone with your art, it comes into life and resonate with those for whom it was created, while releasing and giving space for something new."


When I draw or paint I am the happiest person in the world. Everything is crystal clear to me, I have no need to hurry, nothing to worry about. That very moment I am inspired by everything. I believe that inspiration is not something you wait for. It is something you constantly live in, a permanent state of being. Only then the process of creation is no longer bitterly exhausting and painful. It becomes similar to the sun rising from the haze of dawn. Slow, powerful and beautiful.
" Artists, I believe, can hardly invent anything on their own. Their mission in this world is to listen and to hear, to perceive and to represent. Everything that humans have invented, has always existed in one way or the other and was not created by us. "
"This work is particularly special for me. I created it after experiencing something quiet extraordinary. I realized that I am more than just my body, I felt the flower growing and opening from my heart, and then the flowers were opening on and on, one after another, kind of a fractal. Unceasing, endless plant with no limits. It was growing and entering everywhere, filling every particle of the Universe, connecting me to the Source. When I get back to that experience, look at this work, a warm wave of joy sweeps through my body. It always gives me strength to move forward."


I believe that you only need a black pen in order to transmit an image, that is why I draw a lot of monochrome illustrations. Such simplicity frees me from the unnecessary and helps to focus on the essence.
"When I draw there are no boundaries or conventions for me. Everything is just possible."


Everything you see in this album is designed for different clients by my SASHA SASHA Lab team. These are our commercial projects that I would like to share with you. An inspiring urban magazine, photo shoots, texts, illustrations, design of packages, unique corporate identities and styles for various companies.


Coming soon...
I believe that necessary ideas and inspiration come at the right time in the right place. My project is already half realized in my heart and mind, and it has to be born in order to echo in the hearts of other people. I would like to make an exhibition of deep, full images on the long canvases in my distinctive graphic manner. In addition to that, I would like to animate some of my works in order to show how these images come to life in each of us.